A Quick Education on Grass Fed Products

There is much confusion about natural food production terms such as “natural,” “organic,” “free range,” “grain fed,” “grass fed,” etc.  Much of this confusion is intentional, so consumers are more likely to buy based more on advertising and marketing than FACT.  We hope to provide some education on our grass fed products and why they are superior to anything found in your local super market.

All Meat is Not Created Equal

Many people are discovering a better red meat alternative is grass fed beef.  Their motivation to switch to grass fed beef has to do with a healthier food, a more humane way of raising animals and a desire for cleaner, safer food.

A decade ago consumers were satisfied with beef found in stores as long as it was USDA inspected, that innocent bubble burst in the 90’s with outbreaks of E. Coli, Mad Cow, and links of hormone and antibiotic use causing problems with consumers health.

Why is grass fed better than Organic?

Organic meat, poultry, and dairy products are now available in most supermarkets, which is a change for the better.  When you buy organic, you know the products will be free of hormones, steroids, antibiotics, and other unnatural additives. 

Due to strong marketing most people equate “organic” with “more nutritious,” but this is not always true.  While there is no argument that organic foods are better for you, because they do not have all the artificial growth hormones and dangerous additives, they are not the most nutritious products to eat.

When a animal is taken off pasture and fattened on an artificial grain diet, it loses its stores of Vitamin E, beta-carotene, CLA and Omega-3’s.  It does not matter if the grain is organic or not.  Feeding large amounts of any kind of grain to a grazing animal makes the meat less beneficial for human consumption.  In order to have the healthiest meat, the animals need to remain on their natural diet of fresh pasture. 

Compared with grain fed meat, grass fed meat has as much as 400% more Vitamin E, 500% more cancer fighting CLA, 300% more heart friendly Omega-3s, and 200% as much Beta-carotene.  Not to mention it is lower in calories, total fat, and saturated fat.

Grass Fed Beef

  1. Safer, grass fed beef is millions-fold lower in E.Coli and carries no risk of Mad Cow Disease

  2. Grass Fed Beef has more OMEGA-3 fatty acids,    two to six times more of the good fat.

  3. Grass Fed Beef is the richest source of caner fighting CLA

  4. Grass Fed Beef is low in fat and has 100 fewer calories per 6 oz. Steak

  5. Grass Fed Beef lowers your LDL cholesterol levels

  6. Grass Fed Beef is 4 Times Higher in antioxidant and Vitamin E

  7. Chefs prefer its clean, pure taste

  8. Environmentalists appreciate sustainable agricultural practices

  9. Animal Welfare advocates favor grass fed beef because it allows for healthier, humanely treated, and natural habitat

Happy Healthy Cattle Roam Freely

Unhappy Grain Fed Cattle are Isolated to Small Paddocks